A good friend’s Covid-19 diagnosis far away puts a face to the devastating healthcare crises ravaging India.

Slums in the suburbs of Mumbai, India. photo credit: Rajanish Kakade/Associated Press

An immensely unrealistic, cliché-ridden millennial fairytale, this show is the guilty pleasure we didn’t know we needed right now.

“Emily in Paris”
Lily Collins plays the aloof, culture-proof marketing executive Emily Cooper in the fantastical “Emily in Paris” | Photo Credit: Netflix

In golf the handicap system acknowledges that more novice players need a certain amount of advantage to be competitive in the game against pros, an analogy Noah used to explain systemic racism in America.

Now is the time for Token Black Friends to share their experiences of racism with their White friends.

Kenya Barris in an episode of “#BlackAF.”Gabriel Delerme / NETFLIX

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Writer. Reader. Conservative. Traveller. Adventure Capitalist. @VCU Alum. I write about Politics, Culture, Sex & Mental Health — not in any particular order.

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